About Lynchpin


Lynchpin Creative is a versatile creative collaborator for your business, campaign, or marketing needs. Founded in 2006, Lynchpin was winning awards for its short films by 2008 and not long after was helping develop cities, places, and ideas through comprehensive digital storytelling. The company is HQ’d in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but works with clients in from Los Angeles to Chicago and throughout the Midwest. We started with film and video production and have evolved into storytelling across multiple mediums and industries.

Lynchpin has produced successful marketing plans with six-figure returns, partnered with motion picture and television studios on projects large and small, fashioned catalytic economic development projects, rejuvenated non-profit and institutional programming, and consulted on outreach, creative direction, and community engagement efforts. We don’t do it all, but we do what matters most.

We are young guns firing down the sights in a world so full of potential it keeps us up nights. We love hard work, intimate sets, old school methods, Coke served in bottles, catchy paragraphs, and most importantly, letting the work speak for itself.

We are the Lynchpins.


    • Film & video production
    • Branding & identity work
    • Motion picture coordination
    • Motion graphics
    • Creative direction
    • Marketing consulting
    • Digital media marketing
    • Strategic planning
    • Copywriting
    • Ghostwriting

Kelly Lynch

Formally trained at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and Columbia College, Chicago, Kelly is an award-winning filmmaker and community advocate. He has championed riverfront development causes in the Fort Wayne community and taught digital film production and cinematography at Huntington University. Read more.

Mike Bove

Emmy award-winning director of photography in 35mm, S16mm, and high definition formats, Mike’s work has been seen worldwide on ESPN and National Geographic. He earned a BFA in Cinematography from Columbia College, Chicago and is an experienced DP, gaffer, grip, and pal. He sleeps with an ARRI Alexa under his pillow.