Christina Landrigan and the Theory of Dependable Goodness

I was six hours removed from the Eastern timezone and nearing the end of a happy trip to visit my sister in Germany on January 6th.

Unable to sleep in anticipation of the flight and feeling refreshed to tackle work back home, I scrolled through Facebook and saw an article about a serious wreck involving a semi-truck that had occurred not far from home in Fort Wayne. I’ve always paused at news items like this because it meant somewhere in some way, a life had been irrevocably changed.

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Anna x Ivan

When your sister moves to Germany and says you can come visit, you pack up a camera, grab the perfect companion and go. Here’s another round of home movies on the Digital Bolex.

Glass: Canon 16-35mm, Kodak Primes
“Amsterdam” by Gregory Alan Isakov.




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Riverworks Design Group takes on riverfront development

Riverfront development in Fort Wayne moves forward with the selection of the Riverworks Design Group – an assembly of local firms including Design Collaborative, Forum Studio and Hoch Associates. Serving these primary consultants are marketing agencies Lucky Guitar and Lynchpin Creative.

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Smitten in the Mitten

An autumn getaway shot on the Digital Bolex because home movies should look as beautiful as they felt.

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Operation: Riverfront

Leadership Fort Wayne’s Class of 2015 selected Lynchpin Creative to tell the story of Fort Wayne’s largest redevelopment project from the perspective of its citizen leaders.

How could we say no?

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Coming soon: Operation Riverfront

A rising tide raises a city in this teaser for a forthcoming documentary to promote area riverfront development efforts. Sponsored by Greater Fort Wayne, Lynchpin Creative, AEP Indiana Michigan Power, and the City of Fort Wayne.

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Young adults have plenty to offer on city’s revitalization

Or as we like to call it: “Elbow Room in the City of Three Rivers.”

For several years we’ve plied our trade in Northeast Indiana, advocated for the community, and marketed the pants off a downtown development concept designed to make the riverfront something just this side of unique, authentic, and magical.

I recently reflected on the journey in this piece for the Journal Gazette.

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Why, you ask? Climb aboard and we’ll show you.

This year will be another big one for a local non-profit and its special trains. This is just the start.

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A Weekend in West Central and the Digital Bolex

The 15th original Digital Bolex finally gets its day in the snow.

After a long slumber in my camera case, I decided to break out the Digital Bolex for same reason I was one of its original Kickstarter backers: I wanted my incidental home movies to have the quality and aesthetic that I found lacking in camera phones and DSLRs.

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Flying Blind

UPDATE: Jim has been getting a lot of press coverage after the video premiered. Links are included below.

On September 9th, Jim Platzer called us with a request. A life long pilot, he needed someone to document him flying an airplane, taking off and landing, and a local advertising agency had recommended us. The project sounded fairly straightforward, but in all honesty, our schedule was pretty packed. However, about ten minutes into the phone call Jim mentioned an important detail: he was blind.

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OFabz Swimwear

We took OFabz Swimwear by the hand and wandered through Headwaters Park like two kids in love to produce this promotional spot. When our original plans were upended by inclement weather, we embraced those lemons and made Arnold Palmers instead.

While OFabz Swimwear has done a lot of great marketing pieces, they had yet to do a video and show their great products in the wild. Their models were happy to oblige. After you’ve watched our spot above, check out some bonus footage below.

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Our Summer is OFabz

What’s your summer wearing? Our is dressed in Zeiss primes.

Last week, we returned to one of our favorite locations to do some camera tests for an upcoming project with OFabz Swimwear. It’s our first shoot using the spanking new Digital Bolex, which is fitting considering that OFabz signature style and the original 16mm Bolex cameras recall the same iconic era.

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Live It Up

A new music video finds “My City” artist Nyzzy Nyce and Lynchpin collaborating again, earning over 100,000 views on Vevo in its premiere late last month and now appearing on MTV2 and MTV Jams.

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