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Lynchpin Creative provides essential film & video production, digital marketing and a variety of strategic, creative services in Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana and everywhere else.

We’re firing down the sights in a world so full of potential it keeps us up nights. We love hard work, intimate sets, old school methods, Coke served in bottles, catchy paragraphs – but most importantly, letting the work speak for itself.


The Little Engines That Could

Near the heart of Maine and in the bitter cold of winter, magical century-old traditions endure.

Electric Works Acoustic Performance

A live acoustic performance at Fort Wayne’s Electric Works for Taylor Guitars.

How Sweetwater Works

A charming explainer for the music industry’s largest online retailer.

Seeking the Skills that Made America

The same skills that built America preserve and make railroad history today, so we threw them all together for a recruitment ad.

Marty Stuart and The Duchess

Three Nashville legends collaborate for the good of Middle Tennessee – one of them is a train. The others are Marty Stuart and Harry Stinson.

Here’s to the Music Makers

Not everyone knows what it’s like — the time, the sweat, the tears. The thousands of hours of practice. The late nights and the long days. But we do.

Riverfront Fort Wayne

On these banks, we’re at our best.

Travel Refreshed

A Midwestern town in the 1940s experiences the arrival of a very special train.

Summer Drum Sale

How do you advertise a special seasonal promotion while showing off your massive warehouse full of music gear? We don’t know either, but we did put a drummer on a fork lift.

OFabz Loves Fort Wayne

What’s your summer wearing?

Cardboard Regatta

A rising tide raises all cardboard.

Live It Up

Can’t nobody stop the shine.


Some companies keep the lights on. Others keep you safe.

Seven Sixty Five

Why, you ask? Climb aboard and we’ll show you.