Riverworks Design Group takes on riverfront development

By November 25, 2015 No Comments

Riverfront development in Fort Wayne moves forward with the selection of the Riverworks Design Group – an assembly of local firms including Design Collaborative, Forum Studio and Hoch Associates. Serving these primary consultants are marketing agencies Lucky Guitar and Lynchpin Creative.

“Lynchpin Creative was essential in the crafting our of message and created compelling images of the river study area and evocative video production to tell the story of the importance of investing in Fort Wayne’s rivers,” said Todd Meyer, Director of Planning + Urban Design at Forum Studio. “Lynchpin’s work will help showcase this project as it moves forward.”

Riveworks Design Group will tackle Phase 1A in the design and engineering of a promenade as part of the community’s riverfront development efforts.

Lynchpin Creative is also one of the principal agents behind Headwaters Junction which is envisioned as part of Phase 1B of riverfront development.


The city’s press release outlines the details:

The contract will then be taken to City Council for approval. Earlier this year, City Council approved $6 million in Legacy funding for portions of riverfront development work for the next two years. The contract with Riverworks will be part of the previously-approved $6 million. The timeline and compensation for Riverworks’ services will be worked out in the final contract.


As part of the contract, Riverworks will create schematic drawings, final designs, and construction documents for the promenade. Riverworks will also coordinate all permitting with various federal, state, and local agencies.

Riverworks was selected through a competitive request for proposals process. Several respected firms and experts in riverfront development from across the country submitted proposals.


“I’m encouraged by the progress we’re making with our collective efforts to develop the riverfront,” said Mayor Henry. “This next step in the process is important as we build on the excitement and momentum being generated by innovative projects in the City of Fort Wayne. It’s great to have the best local and national talent working on this unique opportunity along our riverfront.”